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Simplified Automobile Themordynamics (SAT)

A simplified model of a vehicle that describes how the cabin air temperature changes under the influence of the environment of the vehicle. The model was described and evaluated with field experiments in Horak et al 2017. The python implementation on github is not yet feature complete (e.g. vehicles with windows cannot yet be modelled), and documentation is a work in progress.

Box representation of the SAT model and the modeled heat fluxes.

A regional climate model I’ve been working with since 2016 and have made some (small) contributions to. For more details see the publication describing the model.

A script that may be used to generate a digital elevation model (DEM) in lambert conformal projection of a specifiable region of the world with a uniform horizontal grid spacing. Useful for downscaling purposes. If so desired topographic smoothing may be applied.

Examples of an unsmoothed and smoothed digital elevation model generated with acquire_topography.

A python script that calculates the perturbed wind field for idealized atmospheric conditions as predicted by linear theory based on the equations of Barstad and Grønås (2005).