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IMC 2019 – ICAR Poster

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An evaluation of linear theory based downscaling with ICAR in complex topography

Johannes Horak, Marlis Hofer, Fabien Maussion, Ethan Gutmann, Alexander Gohm and Mathias W. Rotach


Horak, J., Hofer, M., Maussion, F., Gutmann, E., Gohm, A., and Rotach, M. W.: Assessing the added value of the Intermediate Complexity Atmospheric Research (ICAR) model for precipitation in complex topography, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 23, 2715-2734,, 2019.

Gutmann, E., Barstad, I., Clark, M., Arnold, J., & Rasmussen, R. (2016). The intermediate complexity atmospheric research model (ICAR). Journal of Hydrometeorology, 17(3), 957-973.

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