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A display at EGU2020 (online)

We do have a short poster at this years (online) EGU! To view or download it:

Three recommendations to improve simulations with the Intermediate Complexity Atmospheric Research (ICAR) model – EGU 2020 (online), Vienna

It summarizes the results from an extensive sensitivity study involving almost 650 unique simulations investigating – for the main part – the influence of the upper boundary on the microphysical processes within the domain.

Autumn Conferences

In September I’ll be participating at poster sessions at the International Conference on Alpine Meteorology (ICAM 2019) and the International Mountain Conference (IMC 2019) respectively. The posters will focus on ICAR, it’s evaluation with a weather pattern based approach and potential issues due to the numerics at the top boundary of the model. I plan to focus on a real-life test case during ICAM while looking at idealized simulations at IMC. The IMC poster will also be preceeded by a flash talk.

Furthermore I’ll be a presenting author during the IMC workshop “Climate information for impact modeling” for a statistical downscaling approach used to extend limited in situ mountain weather observations to the baseline climate.

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